Telehealth and Home Delivery Services

As healthcare professionals, we take the risk of infectious diseases very seriously and we want to make sure you know what steps we are taking to protect your health.

For our clients, we are avoiding unnecessary personal contact and transitioning to a Telehealth approach when possible and practical. Of course, not all healthcare needs can be managed in a remote environment, so we are still initiating face to face visits with healthcare professionals when a client needs that level of care and agrees to the meeting. Our staff are all wearing face masks at all times. We are also offering flu shots at home for clients; not only will reducing the spread of flu help control one of the vectors COVID-19 uses to spread, preliminary results suggest that flu shots may help boost individual immunity to the coronavirus.

Through our delivery services, we are providing many of the same services clients could once get at our facility, such as meal delivery. To reduce the risk of contamination, we are using disposable cups, containers, plates, and utensils in our meal delivery services. We are helping our clients with deliveries of essential supplies and medication, to ensure continued access to necessary medical supplies without increased exposure.

Social distancing is an important part of helping slow the spread of COVID-19 and protecting your own health. Unfortunately, many people have delayed routine medical care because of a desire to social distance. With First Healthcare, our Telehealth and Home Delivery Services mean that you can still get the same high-quality healthcare you have come to expect from First Healthcare Management Company while still safely managing your COVID-19 exposure.

We are responding to the science of COVID-19 as it evolves, by meeting regularly to review updates from both the New Jersey Department of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and implementing any changes and recommendations that should help us reduce the risk to patients. We are focused on implementing best practices and aware that those may change as we learn more about this virus.

At our facilities, we are taking steps to reduce the possibility of infections through employee monitoring, not allowing visitors or vendors in the building, upgrading safety policies, and increasing access to hygiene items throughout the facilities.

We are using the Department of Health Symptoms Checklist combined with daily temperature screenings to monitor employee exposure to COVID-19. Employees who are sick stay home until they are free from symptoms and have a doctor’s note that they are safe to attend work. At work, employees have access to disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizers, as well as being encouraged to use gloves as much as possible and frequently wash hands. We also have an emergency preparedness plan in place to manage exposures, if they occur.

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