Developmental Disabilities

Developmental Disabilities

Raising a child with developmental disabilities introduces parents to a wide variety of questions and concerns, including who will care for their child once they become adults and are no longer eligible for or covered by child daycare services. From permanent caregivers to adult day care centers, there are a number of care options available in New Jersey for adults living with developmental disabilities, but often the care is not seamless and not all needs are fully met.

At First Healthcare, our mission is to provide accessible first-rate health and wellness services to members of our communities, enabling them to remain healthy and active in the community throughout their lives. As individuals with developmental disabilities move into adulthood, many move into lives of increased isolation that can often lead to other mental and physical health effects that can be detrimental for both the individual and for their families.

In our program, we work hard to fill some of these gaps in coverage and alleviate some of the stress that comes with them by providing industry leading adult care programs for individuals with developmental disabilities in Middlesex, Essex, and Union counties. Our program is compassionate and flexible, and we adjust our services to the particular wants and needs of our clients. We provide a safe, comfortable and inclusive environment where those in our care can socialize, make new friends, participate in activities they love and enjoy a stimulating and fulfilling life.

When selecting a facility for the care of a loved one, it is important to consider the facility’s ability to provide and communicate appropriately and effectively with clients of all ethnic, racial or cultural backgrounds. Our staff comprises professionals from all backgrounds and cultures, including workers able to communicate with clients in English, Spanish, Hindi, Korean, Filipino and French. Our diverse and highly trained staff embrace our “salad bowl” culture, where we celebrate our differences and the vibrancy and character that each individual brings to our center.

The developmental disabilities services that we provide are funded from a separate Medicaid budget and our services WILL NOT interfere with any other care or financial support a client receives. The services we provide are supplemental, designed to provide more personal, robust support not covered by the New Jersey’s Division of Developmental Disabilities in an effort to improve the overall quality of care provided to each individual. Information regarding the services provided by the state’s Division of Developmental Disabilities, as well as contact information for the Department, is available on their website:

How can we help your loved one get the most out of life? We’d love to answer that question. For additional information on our facilities, programs, staff and more, contact us today for a free one-day pass to our facility.

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