The Basics of Dementia Care Services

Dementia, or senility, encompasses a wide variety of brain diseases that usually results in a decreased ability to think and remember to the point where it affects the individual’s daily functioning. Some of the most common symptoms of dementia include language problems, a decrease in motivation, and emotional problems. It is more than just the usual old-age types of problems, because dementia causes long-term problems and usually gets worse with age. Often, dementia will affect a person’s ability to care for himself or herself, and when family members are unable to take care of them themselves, they often choose an adult care center that specializes in dementia patients. This choice results in extra care for the patient, and less stress on the family because they can relax knowing that their loved one is well cared for.

Dementia Care Basics

At South Amboy Adult Day Health Care Center, we take care of all types of patients, and one of our areas of expertise is dementia patients. Finding dementia care in Middlesex, NJ is easy if you start with facilities like ours because we specialize into the basics of dementia care, which includes tips such as:

  • Using a positive approach, which includes approaching them from the front, calling them by name, walking slowly, and offering them your hand
  • Getting the patient to cooperate by keeping instructions simple and short, breaking everything down in simple steps, using touch and visual cues, and offering him or her simple choices rather than “yes” or “no” questions
  • Assisting them with tasks by placing your hands underneath theirs
    • Finding out whether they like to be touched, and only touching them in a way that makes them feel comfortable

Excellent dementia care is important for patients that suffer from this affliction, and only personnel with the right expertise and knowledge can best accommodate their needs. Finding a facility that specializes in dementia care is crucial because without it, the patient’s condition will likely become worse and will probably reach the point where family members are unable to care for him or her.

Only the Best Facilities Should Be Considered

At South Amboy Adult Day Health Care Center, we concentrate on developing special programs that will preserve and even regain cognitive levels and promote memory stimulation. Although dementia patients never recover completely, the progress of the illness can be stalled if you utilize a facility that specializes in dementia care and works to improve the patient’s condition on a daily basis. Regardless of which stage of the illness they are in, most patients can improve their overall condition with regular and competent care. Utilizing a variety of techniques to take care of the whole individual works with most of these patients, so if you have a family member with dementia, it is always best to find a high-quality facility to place him or her in.

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