What to Know About Senior Care Centers in Middlesex New Jersey

You want the best care and support for your elderly loved ones. So if you and the rest of the family can’t provide that anymore, then opting for an adult day care facility might just be what you and your loved ones need.


Facilities for senior care in Middlesex NJ provide a lot of services. These include:

  • Meal preparations so your loved ones will have lunch, breakfast or dinner
  • If your loved one needs help with eating, dressing, walking, bathing and going to the bathroom, a staff member will be there to offer support and assistance. That also means you won’t have to worry about Nana or Pops suffering from a bad fall or slip simply because no one was there to assist them.
  • Transportation. If your loved ones need help getting to the doctor, no worries. The facility offers transportation services to take care of that.
  • Health and medical services. If anything happens—they slip, fall or hurt themselves—health and medical services are accessible so treatments and emergency measures are administered right away.
  • Exercise and wellness programs keep your loved ones healthy and fit. Stretching and other gentle exercises help keep them in tip-top shape.
  • Social and recreational activities help keep loneliness and isolation, common among the elderly, at bay. They can even go out on local outings or have form discussion groups so your loved ones can live full, happy lives.
  • Round-the-clock security so you won’t have to worry about burglars getting in or criminal elements taking advantage of your loved ones.

Look out for depression

It might not always be easy to tell if your elderly loved ones require the care and support of a day care facility. But be sure to look for signs of depression.

Depression is common among the elderly. If your loved ones are isolated, opting for a day care facility might just give them the socialization they need to feel better. From making new friends to starting a new hobby, this can have a massively positive impact on your loved one’s health and outlook.

What to do

So if you think you think you need more help taking care of your loved ones or that they might benefit from meeting new people, then take a look at how senior care day centers like the South Amboy Adult Day Health Care Center can help you and your family. Contact us today.

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